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A uniquely choreographed flag waving experience designed with genuine synergy in mind.  Delegates work towards awe inspiring, visually exciting performance achieved in a short space of time.

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An eclectic mix of World music melodic instruments. Encouraging improvisation and creative flow.  Your ideas, your song...with a little help from your friends!


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going for a song

Soothing sounds and a gentle approach to create a calming atmosphere to a track being manipulated live by the facilitator. The modern and ancient are brought together in this event.  


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Create a three dimensional animation around a pre-determined theme.  Teams must work together to create a short animation where attention to detail will be key.

It all comes together in a grand reveal.

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stop-frame game

Exploring sounds with everyday objects and recyclables, initially in small groups, then combining it all to create a masterful sound in an inspiring grand finale!  


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urban perx


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All our creative activities have been designed with complete flexibilty so that they tailored to suit our clients' event requirements.


Our clients who have booked these events range from small firms to large multinational enterprises and agencies in all sectors of business including pharma, financial, food & beverage, consultancy, training, IT, telecommunications and other industries.


Contact us now for our extensive range of event options and for activity recommendations that will create lasting memories at your event.