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Action packed event incorporating multiple World music genres preparing seperately to reconvene in a grand showcase in an exciting finale!  




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A unique ensemble for team building, fusing Japanese Taiko drumming with recyclabes and one other World percussion genre selected from our musical styles list.  Synchronised movement and impressively powerful rhythms!



fusion taiko

African tribal dance - an event inspired by the sensational Zulu dance moves, using shields and body percussion.  Visually impacting, uptempo vocals and movement.



tribal flow

An Afro-Samba / Samba-Reggae band is born!  High impact team building, this event is set to pull on the emotional strings.

Culminates in an exhilirating atmosphere and awe-inspiring finale.



united in rhythm

Numerous styles of music unified into one groove!  High energy percussive event that will heighten senses.  Features an eclectic mix of instruments.





We offer a large range of team building events and activities that will motivate, engage and empower delegates.  


Contact us now to discuss our exciting range of event options and recommendations which are designed to have a positive and profound impact at your event.

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